10 years ago, the first board members founded the Nambikay Farm Foundation in Zwolle. The first activities had just started in Sri Lanka at Farm of Nambikay. Where there were rice fields there is now a small-scale organic farm and guesthouse. Where previously only rice was sown and harvested, the following is now distributed: hospitality, knowledge, fruit and vegetables, plants, new techniques, care for others, small-scale support where necessary. A place to share hope and God’s love in what we do and who we are. 10 years of development and new initiatives, setbacks and blessings.

The Farm of Nambikay team and Uthayan were able to celebrate this together, with reminiscing, thanking God for His care and blessing, and with cake.

Two early workers, the current team and the celebration cake.

We would like to give the floor to Detje de Vries, one of the founders of the foundation, who was passionately involved as a board member for 10 years:

At the start of Farm of Nambikay I had hope. Hope that together we can help the people affected by the civil war to have a reasonably normal life again and, above all, not to lose hope. The hope that God wants to give us if we put our trust in Him.

The farm has given hope to many people over the past 10 years: the people who could be helped by projects, the workers on the farm, the board in the Netherlands and of course Uthayan and Jakolien with their family.

By being a board member of the farm, I have experienced that God works even under difficult circumstances. There have been many difficult moments on the farm, but again and again have experienced blessings and things have turned positive. And always hope for the people in the country I love so much. As a family, we found it special that we were able to visit the farm in 2016.

I wish Farm of Nambikay lots of happiness, blessings and hope! I hope to visit the farm again in the future.
Many blessings!

We are grateful for blessings, prayers, thoughts, support, care, gifts and funds. Curious about what it looks like on the farm now? Watch the short video at: Nambikay Farm | A hopeful future for Sri Lanka.

Kind regards, the board of the Nambikay Farm Foundation and Uthayan & Jakolien Meas

P.S. would you like to give a present? This is not necessary, but is of course always allowed: NL19TRIO 0197 6091 63. Nambikay Farm Foundation. Donation via the website is also possible: https://nambikay.org/hoe-kan-ik-helpen/