A hopeful future for Sri Lanka

‘Nambikay’ is Tamil for hope. Through Farm of Nambikay we wish to contribute to a hopeful future of people in the war-torn area of Sri Lanka. Farm of Nambikay has a Christian identity based on Biblical values such as hope, grace, love, faith, justice, compassion and the uniqueness of every human being.

Visit – Farm in lockdown

Visit – Farm in lockdown

The plan was to occasionally email an update on Nambikay Farm during Uthayan’s journey. That did not work, so now it is time for an update!
Uthayan’s visit to the farm had to be cut short by the corona virus. That gives an unfinished feeling, because he still wanted to do a lot – on the farm and in the surrounding area. The lockdown in Sri Lanka prevented Uthayan from operating outside the farm. A lot of work has been done on the farm. Below some of Uthayan’s impressions and activities!

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Greatfull  !!

Greatfull !!

Wauw, wat was de dag van het benefietconcert een prachtige dag! Prachtig concert, de zang en woorden over hoop raakten ons hart. In de pauze en na het concert was het enorm gezellig, genieten van elkaar, de lekkere hapjes en de Sri Lankaanse sfeer.

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Op deze locatie bevindt zich Boerderij van Nambikay.