Mission Farm of Nambikay

‘Nambikay’ is Tamil for hope. Through Farm of Nambikay we wish to contribute to a hopeful future of people in the war-torn area of Sri Lanka.

The mission of Farm of Nambikay is:

to contribute to the restoration and wholeness of the war affected and poor people and society in Sri Lanka and to share Gods love.

Objectives Farm of Nambikay

In the period 2018 – 2020 Farm of Nambikay aims the following operational objectives:

  1. Manage a professional and innovative small-scale farm.
  2. Creating work- and learning experience places on the farm.
  3. Inclusion of people with disability and/or impairment on the farm
  4. Bring 50% of the farm profit in a project fund.
  5. Use this fund to initiate and/or support small-scale projects in the area.
  6. Develop the cooperation with and capacitate the Grace Community Churches to implement this project fund.
  7. Investigate which new initiatives can start at the farm.

These operational objectives shape the strategic objectives of Farm of Nambikay:

  • To contribute to social and economic development in Mannar province.
  • To be an example and inspiration for farmers and non-farmers in the area.
  • To practise Christian service in the communities.
  • To strengthen Grace Community Churches in their mission.

Farm of Nambikay has a Christian identity, and is based on biblical values like hope, grace, love, faith, justice, compassion, positive well-being, uniqueness of each individual and serving others.