Many families in Sri Lanka have also been affected by the economic consequences of the corona lockdown. In the vicinity of the farm, the consequences are less serious than in urban areas. Since last week the lockdown in Sri Lanka has ended during the day and slowly the daily routine is starting again.

Employees living in the city were not allowed to travel to the farm. Work on the farm was difficult to accomplish, without coordinator Kanna and without the organic gardener Prathaban! Fortunately, the employees who live close to the farm were able to come, and did their best to keep up the most important work: taking care of the goats and watering the trees and plants.

We are pleased the lockdown is over, but the situation is uncertain in the next months and will depend a lot on how serious the corona virus will be circulating in Sri Lanka. Until now, the number of people with coronavirus has been limited, and it has not occurred near the farm.

It is difficult for Prathaban not to be able to do his job as he wants, and he has decided to quit as an employee. He remains involved with Farm of Nambikay as an advisor. Vasanthan, the pastor of the local Reformed Church and part-time employee of Farm of Nambikay, takes over the activities of organic gardening from him. We are happy with that!

Farm of Nambikay is working with the local organization OpeNe to introduce the farming of an organic vegetable garden in villages, through their women’s groups. In the past period, 10 women from surrounding villages have started an organic vegetable garden at their own house. Especially now that there is a loss of income due to the corona crisis, this is a wonderful way to contribute to healthy vegetables for these families in often vulnerable situations!
These women are an example in their village with their vegetable gardens.

The couple who lived on the farm has moved. Suresh will continue to work on the farm. This is better as there were too many problems with our house rules. This week another (young) couple has come to live and work on the farm. The first month is a trial month, so that they and the team can see how things are going.

The goats are doing well! 24 goats have been born in recent weeks. To keep the herd healthy and to expand further, a new male goat has been bought and the old goat is being sold. There are almost 100 goats on the farm now!

Unfortunately, the lockdown had a negative effect on the farm’s income: few goats could be sold, fruit and vegetables yielded much less and no guests could come to the guesthouse. We hope this will get an uplift in the coming months! Although we do not expect eco-tourists this year due to international travel restrictions.

Please join us in our prayers?

  • Thanking for the work that went ahead despite the difficult time due to the lockdown.
  • Thanking for the efforts of Prathaban in recent years.
  • Thanking that organic gardening can continue and that a new couple has come to the farm.
  • Pray for coordinator Kanna and his wife, who are expecting their 1st child very soon.
  • Pray for Selva (brother of Uthayan, pastor and intensively involved in the farm as an advisor), who was hit by a drunk man, broke a leg and is now recovering from surgery.
  • Pray for Sri Lanka, for good leadership in this economically and politically unstable country.

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