At the beginning of this year, a start was made with the vegetable garden activities. The local agricultural department is enthusiastic – there is good cooperation with them and training is given. While in Sri Lanka pesticides and fertilizer are used everywhere in agriculture, including in vegetable gardens, Farm of Nambikay wants to show that without pesticides and with natural fertilizer you can also have a vegetable garden that provides healthy vegetables for the family and sales at a small-scale. .

We encourage people and make them aware of this.We grow eggplant, chili pepper, green leaves, tomatoes, snake gourd and bitter gourd (both family of  cucumber). And with regard to fruit, we grow bananas, guava, mango and papaya.
Someone close to our farm has already a small organic vegetable garden and this man is supported by Farm of Nambikay to further develop his garden. Farm of Nambikay coaches him with knowledge and tips, which improves his garden and yield more and he again becomes an example for others in his environment.

The construction of the guest rooms is progressing steadily and a start has been made with a hall for trainings and gatherings on the 2nd floor, supported by EO Metterdaad fund.

A number of goats have been sold to World Vision for their Income Generating project.

Great activities at the start of the year!
Unfortunately, there is also a major setback.

At present, cows and goats are suffering from an illness in Sri Lanka. Many cows and goats in the area die and on the farm we have already lost 35 adult goats. The disease is caused by a worm that the goats catch while grazing in the fields. The veterinarian has vaccinated the affected goats, but this has insufficient effect. All goats receive medication and stay at the farm since the outbreak of the disease.

This period is difficult for the team, can you pray for them and for change for the better?