Farm of Nambikay wants to consolidate as a company in farm management now that the choice has been made to breed goats, in combination with other activities that are profitable, as well as activities that we expect to have a positive influence on the social and / or economic situation in this area. This includes scope for new initiatives and the further development of the fund for small-scale projects. In brief:

Further expand Farm of Nambikay and continue fund for small-scale projects

Farm of Nambikay wants to increase the capacity (knowledge, skills, attitude) of the coordinator and the workers in 2018-2020 in the field of farm management and the specific activities such as goat breeding, fish farming and other sources of income. We also want to be a farm for the farmers in the area where people can come together to share knowledge and experiences and to follow training courses. For this we want to further investigate the possibilities in Sri Lanka and in the Netherlands for specific expertise to subsequently carry out assessments on the farm, give advice and provide training.

We also want to investigate whether there is interest in the Netherlands to specifically support a project, for example for work-learning trajectories for men and women in the area that currently do not have sufficient income. We see opportunities to offer more people with a disability a work and / or work-learning trajectory. Because the deployment of these employees is optimal in a different way than labor input and productivity, we also want to use this component on a project basis, and investigate whether a specific group of supporters in the Netherlands wants to sponsor this component. We would like to appoint someone on the farm with a specific affinity with people with a disability to be able to guide them properly.

One person has received a loan for a small-scale chicken farm. We want to investigate how this type of activity can reach more local people.

In these years we want to expand the cooperation with the Grace Churches with regard to the continuation of support for small-scale projects and the extra support by the local churches. The Grace Churches are active in the process of further shaping these activities and how to follow them up properly.

We also want to expand the small-scale project activities. In addition to supporting the vulnerable people / families, for example a sporting event for young people, in order to connect and share (faith), we also want to organize activities for children after school, aimed at lifeskills and homework supervision.

We are interested in investigations into possible links between Farm of Nambikay and, for example, agricultural and agro-tourism educational institutions in the Netherlands.

We want to expand the farmhouse with more guest rooms. We also want to use this for people (for example pastors) who want to take a break, but have no money for vacation.

The guest rooms on the farm are also a good place to stay for students and volunteers. We want to explore the possibilities for research students from Sri Lanka and the Netherlands (or other countries), and volunteers from, for example, the Netherlands.

In addition, Farm of Nambikay wants to explore possibilities for further expansion and expansion of farm activities.